Team Expectations

The Team consists of the Student, the Teacher, the Parent, and the Pianist. All of these members work together to ensure the success of the student.

Teacher. First, the instructors at the Krentz Cello Studio promise to always deliver the best possible education of cello technique and musical development possible. We are continuously researching and honing our craft to ensure that the student receives the information in the best way for their stage of development. We also respect and value every student and parent. Our studios are always highly respectful of one another, very encouraging, and most of all, honest.

The Student. We ask that the students respond with the same level of respect for their instructors and their peers. We ask that they respect the basic guidelines of the studio practice times and do their utmost to follow them. We ask that they show up to their lessons prepared to engage, to learn, and to absorb.

Parents. We ask the parents to help their children achieve their highest potential by being involved in their practices at home and coming into the lessons to observe. The parent knowing the information given at the lesson can be the best way to help the students at home.