Starting the Cello

Getting Started. The first question that many parents ask is how young a student can be when they first start the cello. Because of the bigger size of the instrument as opposed to a violin, we recommend starting the cello at age 5. However, every child is different and have different musical experiences at home as well. If you feel that your child could start at a younger age, we accept them as young as 4 years old. We also offer the Beat Notes! class for ages 4-6 to go side by side with their normal lessons to help them learn musical concepts and note-reading without the stress of learning the instrument at the same time. Students are highly encouraged to take this class alongside their first year of lessons, or even before they begin their cello lessons at all! For more information on the Beat Notes! class and to sign up, click here. For students 5-10 years of age we offer a group class once a month that is an opportunity for them to play their pieces in an ensemble, meeting new friends that share the experience of playing cello every day! For more information on Group Class, click here.

We do want to remind you that, as you already know, children at this age need much supervision, especially during their practice as well as lessons. Parents are asked to sit with their child during the lesson until they have had at least 2 years of lessons. We highly recommend continuing to sit in the lessons with their child for as long as the parent is able. Parents are also welcome to take notes and or photos/videos during the lessons to help guide their children during their practice at home. We are also very responsive to any texts or emails with practice questions during the week.