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    Welcome to the Krentz Cello Studio!

    Finding the right teacher for your child can be a challenge in any subject, but when it comes to learning an instrument it can certainly be a daunting feat. Starting with questions such as, “Where can I get a cello?” to questions like, “How do I find the right teacher for my child?” the Krentz Cello Studio can be a resource for you.

    The first step to cello lessons is finding a teacher. There are many teachers in the larger Seattle area and the focus of each studio can be slightly different. Here at the Krentz Cello Studio we aim to build a solid foundation of technical command of the cello so that the students can then be free to explore their music using the skills they have mastered through their lessons and practice. Learning technique is like learning vocabulary. The better your vocabulary, the more choices you have in your expression.

    We also believe in building relationships and community through music. Practicing can be a difficult thing and having a team that supports you can make all the difference in a student’s motivation. We have monthly studio classes to build a community through our studios so that the students can meet, perform, and inspire each other. We encourage the parents to sit in during the lessons so that the students can have a team at home that understands the process and helps them while practicing. We have multiple teachers that are always available for another perspective and aware of each students' developmental stage.

    Our website also provides links and information about where to rent an instrument and where to purchase sheet music. You can also read about the benefits of music at an early age and other interesting articles under our Links and Resources tab.

    We welcome you to begin your journey here and look forward to meeting you!

    The Krentz Cello Studio
    Haeyoon and Kevin Krentz
    Teachers and Founders