Auditions + Competitions

Competitions can be an exhilarating, motivating event that drives students towards a short-term goal. Some of the most intense improvements we see happen just after a competition, audition, or performance. Here at the Krentz Cello Studio we promote a healthy balance of motivation via competition without it becoming the reason for practicing.

There are several orchestras outside of the public schools that students may choose to enroll in as their levels increase and they want to be in groups with students more similar to their level and commitment to cello. Every orchestra will require an audition (even the school orchestras!) and keeping an eye on the dates helps us to better plan and prepare for the pertinent ones.

Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) Audition

Last two weeks of August each year

The prominent youth orchestras of Seattle. SYSO consists of 5 different levels of orchestras and the audition will determine in which group the student is placed.

Repertoire info:

Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO) Audition

Early September each year

Like SYSO but on the East Side, Bellevue has 6 levels that students audition into.

Repertoire and other info:

Solo and Ensemble Competition


Solo and Ensemble is a competition held by the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) and information is given out by the orchestra teachers of each school. Dates of the competition vary depending on school districts. Check with your school orchestra director for details.