The Krentz Cello Studio enjoys a reputation for excellence. The studios are focused on the idea that the best single motivator is progress and therefore the ability to truly enjoy the cello’s full potential. When we imagine playing the cello, we imagine playing well. We want to make music with a cello voice that we can love! The Krentz Cello Studio helps to build some of the finest young players around.

The Krentz Cello Studio is about building a strong foundation from the ground up for the students to enjoy the full potential of their instrument. From day 1 a team is created for each student: the student, the parent, the teacher. A pianist who the students play with and receive supplemental coaching with will be added as they advance. With this support system and expert training from Ms. Shin and Dr. Krentz, students have the chance to be the best they can be.

Our Instructors

Dr. Kevin Krentz

Kevin Krentz has been teaching for 22 years and holds a Doctorate in Cello Performance. He is currently the Cello Professor at Seattle University.


Haeyoon Shin Krentz

Haeyoon Krentz has been teaching for 18 years and has worked with some of the leading teachers of the past century. She currently holds her studio in both Bellevue and Seattle.


Suzuki Method

We at the Krentz Cello Studio wholeheartedly believe the easiest way to begin on the cello and probably any instrument is to use the basic theory behind the Suzuki Method. The central idea of the Suzuki Method is simple: learning both to play an instrument and to read music at the same time is very difficult. It is much easier to learn an instrument initially by rote and introduce note reading later. However, depending on the age of the student and their rate of development, both Dr. and Mrs. Krentz transition much earlier than official Suzuki training into a note-reading and technical exercise-type traditional approach based on the student’s mastery of the instrumental basics.

Another principal of the Suzuki Method focuses on parental involvement and is also a major part of the Krentz Cello Studio’s practice routine. Students with very active parental coaches progress many times faster than those left to practice alone at home.

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We look forward to meeting you soon!.

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